Fragmented Light

Essay by Chris Bennett, Executive Director
Newspace Center for Photography, Portland, Oregon

There is a shadow of distortion, threadbare on this thin grey thread that ties century to century. Coming here, staying, being present, this is her visceral process of connecting to this place. The only things that are important are those which are hidden, stopped in time. These are the things you cannot see unless you stop, listen to the wind and hear the voices of the past telling you their secrets. A sense of stillness overcomes everything; it is quiet except for the soft, constant crumbling of rock as it returns to the earth.

The event of Maro Vandorou’s photography is an illusionary passage between the memory of the subject and the moment in time. Working in communication with nature and the thoughts of those who once inhabited the ancient culture represented here. She listens and surrounds herself with the magnetic powers of the earth and captures the crevices and surfaces of the once perfect rocks, beaten by time. The tombstones that now stand crooked, the headless statues, the staircase that has been tread upon for centuries.