Vertical Time

Vertical Time Vertical Time Vertical Time Vertical Time Vertical Time

Vertical Time: Persefóneia is an installation of original images that references transformation. The images in accordance with sacred geometry form a circle of fragile platinum prints. In a parallel space, projected images and echoes of the spoken words of poems engage the visual and auditory senses. In the first of a trilogy, Fragmented Light, I reflect on my roots, my decisions and their consequences. Vertical Time marks a shift in focus. It explores the release of grief, purification of intent, sustained inward-focus, becoming witness and participant, subject and object of the irrevocable transformation. The images have a strong cinematic component; in isolation, or unfolding, with symbols and archetypes from my Hellenic roots, layers of meaning establish a visual vocabulary for the abstract concepts. The term Persofóneia reflects the unanticipated presence of Persephone, a powerful archetypal thread in this body of work.